Covid 19 Update & Health Screening Form

                                          Beauty Studio Update
                                    Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Today the Government has given an outline of living with Covid in the community.

All Gift Vouchers from 2019/20 are still valid to use.

Could I kindly ask clients to wear face masks where possible.  We are in a confined environment, I would prefer to keep myself & others as safe as possible from the chance of passing on Covid.

Coughs & Sneezes spread diseases - please be considerate & reschedule your appointment if suffering from cold like symptoms.

There are changes that have been put in place to keep us both safe.  The FORM BELOW is a MUST it is there so that if the virus has to be traced I can hand over relevant information to the authorities at this strange time if it were required.  Your information will NOT be used for marketing purposes.

  • I will wear a face mask during all treatments.

  • I have & always will wear gloves where appropriate & possible

  • CLIENTS are required to wear masks where possible within the Studio.

  • WALK IN ENQUIRIES are still No Longer exceptable - please email or phone with your enquiry I will reply as soon as I can (normally end of the day).

  • An Audio/Video bell has been added to gain entry to gates to the Studio.

  • PARKING in drive as normal.

  • Please cancel your appointment if you display Cough or Cold like symptoms.  We must consider others at this time.

  • If you have travelled abroad - a 7 day period must pass before you can be treated at Studio to allow for any symptoms to show.

Most importantly is that we all stay safe & well.  We've come this far.  

Looking forward to seeing you soon


Form No Longer required 

Covid-19 Health Screening Form
Have you experienced ANY of the following within the last 14 days. Please give detail in separate box below if you have ticked one or more box.

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