Removing Skin Tags

March 6, 2014

Skin Tags are often found in area's of friction.  The neckline, bra strap area, under arms & groin.  These are common but can be found anywhere on the skin including eye lids.


Removal is very simple & relatively painless.  The neck of the tag that attaches to the skin is ofen a very small, narrow piece of skin, this supplies the nerve & blood supply to this tiny island of flesh.


We simply cauterise the neck of the tag.  It take just a few moments of heat and it's done.  Depending on the size of the tag a small black hard lump will be left until it drops off in a few days but this is normal.


There is normally no scarring or mark left, however depending on size of tag & skin colour a small discolouration of the skin may be visible if really looked for. 


Small moles can also be removed but often a doctors letter is required - just to give approval that a medical opinion has been given that it is a safe mole.


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