Removing Facial Hair

June 9, 2014

Facial hair can be caused by several factors:

  •  Genetic / Hereditary - you were born of a genetic appearance of dark hair that often is found on parts of your body that you wish were not so obvious - such as arms, face, forehaead, neck, tummy sometimes even chest hairs on ladies.

  • Hormonal -  not only can hormones cause spotty faces it can cause hair growth too - just like pubescent boys growing their first facial hair.  Normally top lip, chin & sides of face are common.

  • Self Inflicted - yes, that's right, incorrect removal of hair can encourage stronger regrowth.


Now lets talk about how to remove, reduce, weaken & control it.


Removing hair can done in several ways -

  • Waxing or Sugaring is a method of ripping hairs out by the root therefore weakening each new growth, eventually growth will become softer & fluffier.

  • Electrolysis - is a permanent method of hair removal that cauterises the base of each follicle thus rendering that follicle unable to ever produce a hair again

  • Plucking - can encourage growth, remember that mole that you've often seen with that awful black hair - that wasn't always so tough it has been encouraged.  Often people pluck against the direction of growth causing an either snapped or irritated follicle leaving a raised lumpy bump on skin. 

  • Mechanical devices - purchased from various outlets promising the world.  Often they are a form of plucking or removing hair at skin level - this will encourage growth.

  • Creams - Any form of removing hair at skin level (not pulling out by the root) is bad.


Hairs must be removed at the root which will weaken the growth not at skin level, this will only encourage stronger growth just like constantly pruning a rose bush.  The more you cut the stem the thicker it will become.


Once you have a schedule to remove hair you will soon see the benefits.  Often your first few  appointments will be closer together to get your growth cycles under control.  When you have been randomly shaving/plucking you have created different cycles.  We aim to get all growth synchronised into a 4 - 6 week pattern.  Once you have had your regualr appointment you know that you are hair free till your next appointment is due. Don't be disheartened this often happens quite quickly. 


I promise you once you have had your hair treated properly you will never trust any other way.

Good Luck x



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