Care & Treatment of Oily Skin

July 10, 2014

Oily Skin is a wonderful thing to have.  The natural oil lubricates the skin keeping wrinkles at bay.  However, there is a down side.  That oil can become trapped in the top layers of the dermis becoming a haven for bacteria this can lead to Sebaceous Cysts.  Even on a day to day basis if not removed correctly can oxidise in the pores of the skin - otherwise known as Blackheads!


Caring for Oily Skin - Firstly you do not have a problem skin.  You have a skin that is perfectly balance in it's own way.  Therefore, Cleansing should be thorough but gentle.  There are many products on the market but plain old Boots NO7 is as good as any - from great laboratories.


A gentle cleansing milk or lotion massaged into the skin & wiped away using cotton wool or face cloth (great for removing make up too)


A gentle Toner - but honestly for oily skin I would use Distilled Witch Hazel.  Use on cotton wool & wipe around face removing any residue left behind - you will be very surprised at how much dirt still comes off face.


Exfoliate - oily skin does not shed dead skin cells as easily as other skin types as the oil binds it all together. It can become very dull, thick & lifeless in appearance.   Sometimes it needs a little help.  A grainy exfoliant massaged into the face, jaw line & neck will help remove dead skin cells revealing a fresh, healthy looking skin beneath.


Moisturiser - a light moisturiser.  Yes you have an oily skin but they can suffer from surface dehydration too.  It's all about balance & getting it right for you.


More about Distilled Witch Hazel - a wonder product.  Is used as the main ingredient in Optrex (eye wash) & most toners.  It is a natural astringent (will absorb & remove oil) mild anti inflammatory and soothing lotion.  Great for reducing swelling & redness to inflamed spots, so gentle it is great to use on sore eyes, soothes eyes suffering from Hay Fever, excellent on all bruises, scratches & grazed skin.  Available from most pharmacies & supermarkets ususally less than £2 for 200ml bottle.


Avoid harsh solutions such as cleaasil - they seem to work for a day or two then your skin will have to work twice as hard to replenish the oil that the product has stripped from your skin.  Therefore, a cycle of now too much oil yet again.


Oily skin can be beautiful, afterall look at the tanned mediterranean skins of beautiful models & singers not a wrinkle in sight and flawless skin - it can be yours too if you just look after it.



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