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Permanent removal of unwanted hair

Electrolysis - permanent hair removal.


Unwanted hair is a common problem and can cause emotional distress for both men & women.  Whether you have a few stray hairs, or a more severe problem, we can discuss a treatment plan for you in a short consultation.


Initial Consultation inc patch test £22


15 mins £22

30 mins £35

45 mins £50

Belinda qualified as an Electrolysis practitioner in 1997.  Over the years she has gained tremendous experience & knowledge and has worked extensively with Transgender clients amongst others. 


She further qualified in Advanced Electrolysis in 1999. Advanced Electrolysis is used to remove minor skin blemishes such as skin tags, thread veins, milia, sebaceous cysts and many other common conditions.


Find out more about Advanced Electrolysis treatments and prices.

Electrolysis - Understanding how it works 


Electrolysis is still considered the only truly permanent method of hair removal.


How it works:  Your therapist will work

under a magnifying lens.

A miniscule probe is inserted into each

hair follicle an electric current is discharged

creating heat.  The heat travels down the

hair shaft into the root bulb.  The heat

cauterises the base of the follicle rendering

it useless - no hair can ever grow here again.


Although this sounds like a time consuming practice an experienced therapist will have skill  & speed.  Strong hairs take a little longer as do fine blonde hairs as often difficult to pick out under flourescent light.


Success is achieved when the hair is in prime growth stage - Anagen.  If the hair has already seperated from the root and gone into transition or resting stage it has already separated from the base of the follicle then the circuit is broken, cauterisation cannot be achieved until the hair returns in prime growth stage and the process repeated.  This is why it is importantant to treat the hairs when they appear nice & fresh.


The amount of treatments required depends on the amount of growth, how many growth cycles you have.  For instance - if you have shaved or plucked daily or 2- 3 times per week these hairs are returning at irregular intervals.  A regular routine needs to be established to remove hairs whether that be once a week/fortnight or month.  That depends on you.

Normally an improvment is seen in very few sessions, treatments can then be adjusted to suit.


Why do you have hair growth?


  • Genetic or racial predisposition.

  • Stress, anxiety or worry.

  • Hormonal imbalance – puberty, pregnancy, menopause. Disease of the pituitary, thyroid or adrenal glands. Cyst on certain glands. Removal of certain glands, eg ovary. Reaction to certain drugs.

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