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Facial Thread Vein & Skin Blemish Removal


Red Thread Veins, Skin Tags, Milia and sebacous cysts are just a few of the types of Skin blemishes can be treated with advanced electrolysis using a method of cautery.  A topical anaesthetic can be applied to the area to reduce sensitivity.

The results are instant and accurate, please allow for healing of 2 - 6 wks depending on your healing capabilities.

It’s a relatively simple procedure that often only requires the one treatment.  A finely tipped electrical device Thermolysis (electrocautery / Advanced Electrolysis) is applied to each spot.  However, spider nivae & blood spots may need more than one attempt due to the complicated collection of vessels feeding the area.


A fine tipped probe is 'dotted' along the Thread Vein cauterising the vessel as the heat is discharged.  The vessel vanishes immediately.


The area is immediately pink/red for an hour or so.  The skin will then return to normal colour.  You will have slight raised 'fluffy' skin where the vein was treated.  Over the next 24 hours very minute pin prick scabs will appear this can often look like a fine scratch.  

The fine dot scabs will disappear 5 - 10 days depending on your healing.


Although the vessel has been treated a fine pink line may be visible after scabs have gone.  This is the colour of new skin and may take 6 weeks to become same colour as your skin tone.


24 hours after treatment you can apply make up.  Be cautious when applying & removing not to removes scabs as healing is taking place. Premature removal of scabs may cause scarring.


  • Skin tags

  • Facial Thread Veins

  • Milia & Commedones

  • Blood Spots

  • Spider Nivae

  • Sebaceous  Hyerplasia - Distorted  Follicles due to over secretion of sebaceous matter.


IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR BLEMISH YOU CAN EMAIL AN IMAGE TO ME - Photos do not always show an accurate view but I can get an idea -

Belinda has been removing skin blemishes since 1999.  The Studio is Fully Insured & Registered with Local Authority.


On this page are just a few examples of blemishes recently removed.  See our Help & Advice page for more detail & Information


  • Keep Moist for 1st 24 hours - then after that if you feel it necessary.

  • Tiny pin prick scabs will appear, they may resemble a fine scratch.  

  • Do not pick or rub scabs they will heal within 7 days normally.  Allow for your own healing.

  • Avoid make up for 24 hrs after treatment.

  • When applying or removing make up please use plenty of moisture & remove gently - Do Not remove scabs.

  • Do not use products containing AHA's or exfoliating products while healing is occurring.

  • Do not use hair removal creams on treated area whilst healing.

  • Keep out of direct sunlight whilst healing

Aftercare Gel/Cream suggestions

  • Witch Hazel Gel / Aloe Gel

  • Anti sceptic Cream / Savlon / Germolene


Once scabs have healed you will have a paler/pinker area of skin where thread vein once was, this will age & become same colour as your skin within time.  Often to the naked eye it will not be visible where treatment has taken place.

However, allow a full 6 weeks to see healed results - initially newly healed skin can be confused for pink Thread Veins.

Treatment costs *

Consultation & Treatment

15 min session -  £60                         

30 min session -  £90

45 min session -  £120

Consultation including patch test - £40

A test patch is only needed for those who are nervous of treatment - it gives an idea of how it will feel.  It is not a full treatment.

To book your appointment or to find out more call Belinda on

01243 554473

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