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Pedicures & Foot Care   

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Foot Care


Pedicures are thorough treatments for your feet using OPI


The treatment consists of:

  • An overall assessment of the condition of nails & skin​

  • Foot spa & Exfoliant

  • Removal of hard skin

  • Trimming & filing of toe nails

  • Cuticle care

  • Foot & Lower leg Massage using Reflexology techniques

  • Painting of toe nails - base coat, 2 top coats & quick drying top coat.


Please bring flip flops!

So often pressured toe nails are mistaken for ingrown nails.  The pressure of a shoe can leave the corner of our nail sore.  If left unattended this can often lead to a small crater of hard skin occuring below the nail, eventually becoming a seed corn.


A simple snip of the nail corner & removal of hard skin below nail will allow new growth to replace the damaged area & be back to its comfortable self.

Allow 45 - 60 mins   £30.00

Gents Foot Care  -  

25 mins - 50 mins  £25.00

BOOK NOW: 01243 55 44 73

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