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Elm Lodge Beauty Studio Specialising in Cryotherapy & Skin Blemish Removal

Qualifications, Courses & Training

Cryosthetics Practitioner - Cryopen

Electrolysis - City & Guilds  & Advanced Electrolysis

Anatomy & Physiology - ITEC

Swedish Body Massage - ITEC

Reflexology - ITEC

Sports Massage - IIST

Manicure/Pedicure - IIST

Facial Skin Care - City & Guilds

Jessica nails, Dermalogica, Darphin, Pier Auge, OPI, Molyneaux Body Wrapping and many more.


The Beauty Studio is certificated by the Local Enviromental Health Authority & Fully Insured.

Unfortunately we Do Not offer a Mobile Service

I do not do Manicures, Gels or Acrylics

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Opening times:


Monday: Closed

Tues & Weds: 9am - 6pm

Thurs & Fri: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 1pm

Elm Lodge

1 Elm Grove South

West Sussex  PO22 0EJ

Where to Find us:

Elm Lodge Beauty is a warm, comfortable professional beauty suite set next to Belinda's own home. There is a comfortable reception area where you can wait for your treatment or for your toe nails to dry. We have a spacious treatment room with the latest equipment and products.


About Belinda:

Belinda Specialises in skin blemish removal using Advanced Electrolysis & Cryotherapy she has gained 20+ years experience.


She has a strong belief that looking after your skin with a regular routine and maintenance is key to healthy, youthful looking skin.  A selection of Facials are available at the Studio aimed at hydrating, redensifying & maintaining flawless looking  skin.  If you don't feed, nourish & protect your skin you cannot expect it to look its best.

The History

I originally trained as a Natural Health & Sports therapist in 1994. 

As my clientele expanded, there was increasing demand to make people look better as well as feel better — to offer the complete package.

This led me to train in the technique of Sugaring which produces a better result than waxing, without all the downsides. Research shows that due to the flexible nature of Sugar paste there was less chance of ingrown hairs, softer regrowth and as the paste is only warm, rather than hot, there is no risk of burns or stress to the skin.

Sugaring is particularly good for facial hair removal due to its gentle nature.

For a more permanent solution for problem areas, I trained as a practitioner in Electrolysis. Finding I had a flair for electrolysis needle work, I went on and trained & qualified in Advanced Electrolysis for minor skin blemish removal.

Using Advanced Electrolysis I have achieved fabulous results for many people.  It is amazing how many GP's will dismiss the importance of a warty, spotty thing on a persons face, that within a few years that can become a huge burden.  A quick visit to the Studio can remove just about anything!


Nowadays, my work is particularly aimed at maintaining skin, keeping it looking youthful for as long as we can.  


My Facial treatments are aimed at maintenance, keeping an eye on those developing signs of age before they become too obvious.  Using Cryotherapy or Advanced Electrolysis most blemishes can be removed efficiently & affordable. My aim is to leave you blemish free with no sign it ever ever existed. 


It doesn't cost to enquire so don't put up with it - let me remove it.


I have worked in around Chichester for many years — from Gemini in Southgate, Rossi (now Lisa Edwards) in North Street, Westhampnett then back to Slane Davis in Southgate.  June 2014, I created my own purpose built studio in my home,  Barnham, West Sussex.

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